Facts about Cornell

What is the difference between undergraduate and graduate study?

Undergraduate study is appropriate for students who have completed a high school program, but who usually have not received a college degree. There are approximately 13,600 undergraduate students at Cornell working toward earning bachelor's degrees in one or more of around seventy-five different major fields of study. For a current list of undergraduate majors offered, see the Academics web site.

Graduate/professional study is generally for students who have completed a bachelor's degree and want to do advanced study in a professional or academic field. There are approximately 6,000 graduate/professional students on Cornell's Ithaca campus enrolled in master's or doctoral programs in one or more of around 100 graduate major fields of study. There are about 700 medical graduate/professional students enrolled in Cornell's medical units in New York City, and an additional 100 or so in Cornell's Doha, Qatar, medical units.

For a list of Cornell's undergraduate and graduate/professional colleges and schools that includes contact information and web links to home pages, use the Academic Units of Cornell link in the See Also section below.