Facts about Cornell

Does Cornell allow high school students to take classes?

High school students (and anyone else not currently enrolled in a degree program at Cornell University) can take individual classes at Cornell year-round through the Extramural Study Program, provided they meet class prerequisites and receive the permission of the instructor. In addition to the regular academic-year fall and spring semesters, Cornell offers courses during Winter Session, and Summer Session.

Some distance learning courses also are open to high school students. For more information, contact the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions.

In addition, Cornell University offers Summer College Programs for high school students:

  • Sophomores can choose from one of three three-week Summer Honors Programs, designed to develop the critical thinking and writing skills essential for success in college while considering some of today's most interesting issues in political philosophy, information technology, or hotel management.
  • Juniors and seniors can take Cornell courses for credit, live on campus, explore academic and career opportunities, and find out what college is all about during Summer College three- and six-week summer programs.