Facts about Cornell

Will Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine provide medical care for my pet?

The Cornell University Hospital for Animals at the College of Veterinary Medicine comprises the Companion Animal Hospital, phone: 607 253-3060 (treats dogs, cats, and exotic small animals), the Equine and Farm Animal Hospitals, phone: 607 253-3100 (treat horses and other farm animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, camels, and alpacas), and the Ambulatory and Production Animal Medicine Service, phone: 607 253-3140 (will travel to provide on-site medical care for horses and other farm animals).

In the case of companion animals whose owners cannot afford a needed surgery, the Companion Animal Hospital will handle these situations on a case by case basis. Owners may call the Companion Animal Hospital Patient Coordinator at 607 253-3216 to discuss their situation.