University Policy


Cornell University's Policy Office (UPO) provides a clearing house for university policies*, which have application across all entities at the university (Endowed Ithaca, Contract Colleges, and the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College). The UPO coordinates the creation, review, issuance, and archiving of these policies.

University policies help close the gap between the university's values and its daily actions by making explicit to the university community the behaviors for which its members will be held to account. Among other benefits, policies support operational efficiency and help provide a "suit of armor" when the university's integrity is challenged. Every policy belongs to a Responsible Office or unit of the university who is accountable for its content, related training and enforcement. Questions about a policy should therefore be addressed directly to the relevant office. Questions related to Cornell's policy development process, or related to its overall body of policies, should be directed to the UPO at or (607) 255-2379.

*Note: At Cornell, a university policy is defined as a document that a) has broad application; b) helps ensure compliance laws and regulations, enhances our mission, or reduces risks; c)contains procedures for compliance; and d) requires executive approval. For more information, see University Policy 4.1, Formulation and Issuance of University Policies.