Collaborative Culture

"My castles in the air were now reared more loftily and broadly; for they began to include laboratories, museums, and even galleries of art."

A. D. White, first President of Cornell University

The creativity of Cornell's students and faculty is limitless. To allow flexibility, research at Cornell is organized by fields, based on convergent interests, irrespective of primary department or college. Even more broadly, the university has defined several areas of excellence that draw from and contribute to every aspect of the university: Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Sustainability, Humanities, Ithaca - Weill Cornell Initiatives, International Programs, Law and Technology, and Information Science.

Cornell is home to both a particle accelerator and a distinguished art museum; here, animal health gets equal time with human health, nutrition, and society; research into fundamentally new technologies marches hand in hand with studies in ethics and social change; and students learn to be of service in the local community as well as in the world community.