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City to close Triphammer Road north of Jessup Road April 22 - April 25

The City of Ithaca Water and Sewer Division will be closing Triphammer Road north of Jessup Road on Tuesday, April 22 at 7:00 am through Friday, April 25 at 3:30 pm to repair damaged and leaking water service.

Local and emergency access will be maintained.

Detour routes:

Southbound - Access to Triphammer Road south of Jessup Road: continue on Hanshaw Road past Community Corners and turn right on Pleasant Grove Road, right onto Jessup Road, and left on Triphammer Road.

Northbound - Northbound traffic on Triphammer Road will be directed to turn right on Jessup Road, left turn onto Pleasant Grover Road, and left on Hanshaw Road.

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Forest Home Garage Floor Sealant Project

The Forest Home Garage will close at 5:00 pm on Friday, April 18 and will remain closed to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic until Sunday, April 20, at 3:00 pm.

All vehicles must be removed from the garage by 5:00 pm on April 18.

Contractors may continue to block 2-3 spaces at a time on Monday, April 21, as they take core samples at various locations throughout the garage.

If you have any questions or concerns, or need alternate parking location information, please contact us at transportation@cornell.edu.

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Traffic Control Gates Installed on East Ave

The Klarman Hall construction project necessitated the closing of the southbound lane of East Avenue until Spring of 2015. The northbound lane of East Avenue is designated for use by buses, bicycles and emergency vehicles only. All other through traffic has been detoured using West Ave.

To stop general traffic from traveling through the limited access portion of East Avenue, traffic control gates have been installed at both ends of the lane. Only bicycles, emergency vehicles, and vehicles equipped with a transponder to raise the gate will be able to travel the roadway.

If you have any questions regarding the traffic-control gates, please contact Transportation Services at transportation@cornell.edu.

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Beebe Lake trails closed until further notice

Due to flood conditions at Beebe Lake, all trails on the south and east sides of Beebe Lake are closed until further notice. Large amounts of ice along with high water flows from Fall Creek have created localized flooding and additional ice buildup over low lying trails and footbridges, creating very hazardous conditions for users.

For your safety, please do not hike on any trails that are closed by signs and barricades.

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East Avenue Road Closure - Klarman Hall Project - January 8, 2014 until April 19, 2015

The construction of Klarman Hall will necessitate the closing of the southbound lane of East Avenue to all traffic from January 8, 2014 until April 19, 2015. The northbound lane of East Avenue will be available for buses, bicycles, and emergency vehicles only, with traffic alternating southbound and northbound. All other through traffic will be detoured using West Avenue (see diagrams below).

Access will be maintained to Lincoln Hall from the north and to the AD White House from the south. Project flag persons will monitor the detour points at the start of the lane closure to assist in the transition to the new traffic patterns. Cornell Police will enforce the bus- and bike-only traffic rule on the restricted portion of East Avenue.

If you have questions about the Klarman Hall project contact Gary Wilhelm at 607 254-8022 or visit the website at http://as.cornell.edu/klarman-hall/.

Traffic related questions should be directed to Transportation Services at transportation@cornell.edu.

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Goldwin Smith Hall Sidewalk and Bus Stop Closure for Klarman Hall Construction Project

Site preparation for the Klarman Hall project will begin next week. On Monday, July 1, 2013, construction fencing will be installed around the building site and the sidewalk in front of Goldwin Smith Hall on East Avenue will be closed. The closure will include the walkways leading from East Avenue to the Arts Quad between Goldwin Smith and Lincoln Halls.

Detour signs will be in place to assist with pedestrian traffic. A temporary walk will be installed on the South side of Lincoln Hall from the ramp into Lincoln Hall via the walk on the on the east side of Lincoln.

The bus stop at Goldwin Smith Hall will be relocated to the pull off area between Goldwin Smith and Stimson Halls.

These closures will remain in effect until Fall of 2015.

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