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Current Crime Alerts

There are no urgent Crime Alerts at this time. For a full list of recent Crime Reports, you may refer to the Cornell University Police Alerts.

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Telephone Service Interruption Affecting Campus

Due to a widespread service issue with AT&T and Verizon, phone calls from off-campus numbers to Cornell (Ithaca campus) phone numbers cannot be completed at this time.

Working: Calls to 911, between Cornell phone numbers, from Cornell phone numbers to off-campus numbers, or from the Geneva campus.

NOT working: Calls to Cornell phone numbers made from cell phones, local/long-distance/toll-free numbers, Cornell Tech, Cornell Weill Medicine, and CCE offices.

Cornell is in close contact with Verizon and AT&T regarding their progress on resolving this issue and options for setting up alternative ways for calls to emergency or urgent services to get through.

For alternative contact numbers, as well as updates on this outage, please visit https://itservicealerts.hosting.cornell.edu/view/4987

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Forest Home Drive Retaining Wall Repairs 8/28/17-11/30/17

Beginning August 28, 2017, Forest Home Drive from the Thurston Avenue intersection to the service drive of Olin Lab will be closed to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic for repairs to the retaining wall and roadway.

Pedestrians and bicycles must use the signed detour routes (Beebe Lake Footbridge or Baker stairs). The crosswalk at the Forest Home Drive intersection with East and Thurston Avenues will remain open except during equipment and materials delivery. Flaggers will assist with traffic control.

The project is expected to complete by November 30, 2017.

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