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Section of College Avenue Closed August 30, 2016

College Avenue between Oak Avenue and Dryden Road will be closed to all traffic on Tuesday, August 30, from 5 pm - 9 pm for the third annual BEAR (Being Engaged and Responsible) Walk and Health and Safety Info Fair.

TCAT bus route changes are posted at http://www.tcatbus.com/category/alerts/

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Cornell University Water Restriction

Stage 2: Severe Drought / Water Use Restriction

July, 28, 2016

As a result of the severe drought in Tompkins County and continued low water supply in Fall Creek, the source of water for Cornell's Ithaca campus and for nearby communities, Cornell University has issued a Water Use Restriction. If current trends continue, there will be insufficient potable (clean, treated) water to supply the demands of campus this August.

In order for the University to maintain its mission-critical operations, we must work together as a community to decrease overall water use on campus by at least 30% as soon as possible.

Effective immediately, all Ithaca campus faculty, staff, and students are required to cease the following actions on campus:
•Watering lawns, landscapes, and vegetation except with non-potable water (e.g., gray or reclaimed water).
•Power washing, cleaning, or otherwise using potable water to clean driveways, sidewalks, building surfaces, and asphalt.
•Washing vehicles with potable water unless required for safety or compliance.
•Recreational water use such as sprinklers, games, or camp activities involving use of potable water.

Additionally, the University asks all campus community members to assist in implementing the following conservation measures immediately in all campus facilities:
•Report any water leaks, running toilets, dripping faucets, or other water issues to your building coordinator immediately. These issues will be prioritized by Facilities Management for repair.
•All facility managers are asked to check fixtures, toilets, and piping for leaks; to submit repair requests immediately; and to continue regular assessment of water fixtures.
•Limit personal shower use to three to five minutes, using colder water when possible.
•Turn off faucets while brushing teeth, washing hands, or cleaning dishes.
•Discontinue drawing water from area creeks or other accessible water sources.
•Implement systems to reuse water wherever possible.

The University has formed a Drought Emergency Planning Team (DEPT). The team is engaging key campus stakeholders to identify additional strategies for water reduction across campus. Water use data will be collected daily and made available to the campus. For more information on the drought response at Cornell University and what you can do, please visit http://campusdrought.ipp.cornell.edu/.

The anticipated duration of these restrictions is a minimum of 4-6 weeks. The restrictions are effective until further notice, with the potential for extension or escalation to a higher state of drought response — a Water Use Ban — if restrictions are not effective or drought conditions remain.

Please share this information broadly.

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Collegetown Construction Update

Collegetown Update—August 10, 2016

Underground utility work is complete in the intersection of College and Dryden, and the intersection will be paved to allow north-south traffic through the intersection by the end of this week (8/12).

Week of August 8 to 12:
--Intersection open to north/south traffic along College Avenue when paving completed.
--Continued electric, gas, and telecom work on 200 block of Dryden Rd.

Week of August 15 to 19:
--Electric vault installation near southwest corner of Dryden and College intersection.
--Telecom vault installation near intersection of Dryden and Linden.
--Electric vault in front of new apartment building on south side of 200 block will have barricades/fencing to protect pedestrian traffic.
--Sidewalk and curb installation on south side, western portion of 200 block to connect new apartment building to College Avenue.

Move-in Weekend August 19 to 21
--200 Block of Dryden open to one-way traffic (westbound).
--100 Block of Dryden open to intersection; the 100 block of Dryden will be one-way westbound between the intersection with College and the entrance to the Dryden Road garage.

Week of August 22 to 26:
--200 block of Dryden Road will be closed to traffic for the week during electric vault installation at the corner of Dryden and Linden.
--100 block of Dryden Road will be open to one-way, westbound traffic from the intersection to the garage entrance, and two-way traffic on the rest of the block.

Week of August 29 to September 2:
--The 200 block of Dryden will reopen to one-way traffic westbound (until vault lids are installed).
--The 100 block of Dryden will remain open to one-way traffic westbound between the intersection and the garage entrance (until vault lids are installed).

The anticipated date for paving the 200 block of Dryden Road is the end of September.

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Fire Safety Advisory for the Ithaca Main Campus

The Environmental Health and Safety University Fire Marshal's Office is issuing a fire safety advisory for the Ithaca main campus and asking the entire Cornell Community to use extreme caution around dry grasses, shrubs, and mulched areas.

The warm weather and dry conditions have increased the risk for fires and we are reminding people to be careful with open flames outdoors, including barbecues and backyard fire pits. Please also use caution when disposing of smoking materials.

We ask that everyone be vigilant during this time of elevated risk due to outdoor fires.

The fire safety advisory will remain in effect for the campus until further notice.

For additional information please contact our office at (607) 255-8200 or visit us on the web at https://sp.ehs.cornell.edu/Pages/Home.aspx

Ronald M. Flynn
University Fire Marshal
Event Safety Manager
East Hill Office Building Suite-210
Phone: (607) 254-1627

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