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We have a winner!

There's a little "Big Red Bear" hidden in all of us.

Submitted by Alicia Billington

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries. Have a happy new year!

Here are a few of our favorites:

A Cornellian through and through!

Submitted by Claire Santiago

Hey, Mr. Big Red Bear, could I please get your pawtograph?

Submitted by William Teng

Big Red dreams for the new year. Unleash the Touchdown inside you.

Submitted by Dorothy Chan

I thought a double header was only in baseball?

Submitted by Alison Minton

Believe In Grander Realities Every Day. Happy Holidays from Cornell University.

Submitted by Carol Bass

Bear in's your spirit that counts!

Submitted by Dennis Dunegan

Visions of snowflakes, presents, AND surprisingly the Big Red Bear danced in her head....

Submitted by Phil

"It's called climate adaptation, sweetheart!"

Submitted by Linda Copman

"Does a bear sit in the penalty box?"

Submitted by John D. Bilon

"Be the bear you were meant to be in 2013!" Season's greetings from Cornell University.

Submitted by Lowell Garner

There's a little "Big Red Bear" hidden in all of us.

Submitted by Alicia Billington

Always be true to yourself and bear a semblance to who you are on the inside.

Submitted by Jen Williams

"One way or another, Cornell will make you a bigger person..."

Submitted by Ian Walther

Can't Hide that Big Red Pride!

Submitted by Clint

Unmask your holiday spirit

Submitted by Thomas Wallin

The un-bear-able lightness of being Big Red.

Submitted by Cynthia Servetnick

Cornell alumni always stand out in a crowd.

Submitted by Brian W Hanse

"Always remember little girl, it’s what is on the inside that counts, Go Big Red and Happy Holidays"

Submitted by Charles Clausner

"You see sweetie, Cornellians don't need to pretend to be something they're not."

Submitted by Andy Toburen