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Making Our Mark

A Tribute to the Class of 2014


About this Video

This video tribute to the Class of 2014 was created by Cornell's University Relations Marketing Group to celebrate their achievements, hear their aspirations, and honor the graduates on their commencement.

Two photographers and an audio engineer filmed the video during two days in late April at five locations around campus. The locations were selected because they are frequented by a diverse range of students from across the university's schools and colleges: Libe Café in Olin Library, Clark Atrium in the Physical Sciences Building, the Human Ecology student commons, Duffield Hall Atrium, and Trillium Dining Hall.

Students were invited to the video shoots by email, social media, an advertisement in the Cornell Daily Sun, and word of mouth.

All who participated brought energy and excitement to the project, exemplifying the spirit of the Class of 2014.

Thank you to the following members of the Class of 2014 who participated in filming for Making Our Mark:

Miriam Antenor, Colleen Barrett, Eamari Bell, Montez Blair, Jennifer Briggs, Jacqueline Carozza, Anthony Chen, Clifford Chou, Dorehn Coleman, Michael Collaguazo, Christian Compton, Jordan Austin Davis, Xiaoxi Brook Du, Deborah Egbo, Kristen Ewing, Liyuan Gao, Josh Grider, Jeffrey Huang, Iha Kaul, Fritz Koennecke, Paige Kulling, Cristina Lara, Ryan Larkin, Danielle Lee, Dana Lerner, Esther Li, Brennica Marlow, Jonatan Mendez, Sasha Naranjit, Robert Nyumah, Eric Obeng, Justin Shamoun, Michaela Simmons, Katherine Soule, Art Sullivan, Alex Tschopp, Jeffrey T. Wai, Chong Wang, Frances Zhu, Gianna Zoppi