You & the Flu


Have a flu-free spring break. Get vaccinated.
Posted March 8, 2010
New outreach clinic scheduled: H1N1 and seasonal flu shots available
Posted February 17, 2010
New outreach clinics scheduled: both H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines available
Posted January 21, 2010
2009 H1N1 pandemic: is it over?
Posted January 20, 2010
Flu vaccine clinics to be held on January 14 and 15
Posted January 13, 2010
Gov. encourages New Yorkers to make H1N1 vaccination their resolution
Posted January 13, 2010
Flu cases at Cornell
Posted December 17, 2009
Recall of H1N1 vaccine does not apply to Gannett's supply
Posted December 16, 2009
College students encouraged to get H1N1 vaccine
Posted December 8, 2009
Limited flu shot supply now available to more priority groups
Posted November 25, 2009
Tracking Cornell flu cases
Posted November 25, 2009
Seasonal FluMist only clinic tomorrow from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at WSH
Posted November 17, 2009
Governor Paterson declares State of Emergency for H1N1
Posted October 30, 2009
New Seasonal FluMist clinics scheduled for Nov. 3 and 5
Posted October 29, 2009
President Obama Signs Emergency Declaration for H1N1 Flu
Posted October 26, 2009
Seasonal FluMist Vaccine Clinic scheduled for Oct. 22
Posted October 21, 2009
Gannett offers Seasonal Flu MIST appointments:
Posted October 8, 2009
Warding off the seasonal flu at campus vaccine clinics
Posted October 8, 2009
Management of flu-like illness at Cornell
FAQ from Gannett Health Services
Posted October 5, 2009
Gannett must take the availiability of flu vaccine into account
Posted October 5, 2009
H1N1 vaccine likely to have a limited debut in the U.S.
Posted October 5, 2009
Seasonal flu vaccine schedule
Posted September 16, 2009
Updated flu information and resources from Gannett
When and how to get help
Posted September 14, 2009
Cornell summer students report flu-like illness, cases remain mild
A number of cases of influenza-like illness have now been reported among summer students at Cornell. Additional cases are likely to arise in other campus programs, departments, and camps. Not all cases of this illness are attributable to the new H1N1 ("swine") influenza virus. However, public health officials do not recommend routine testing to determine the viral type, as the same treatment and isolation guidelines apply regardless of the kind of flu (i.e., seasonal flu or new H1N1 flu). Luckily, the level of illness experienced locally continues to remain relatively mild. Should you or a family member develop flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat), please stay home until you have consulted by phone with your health provider. Students should call Gannett Health Services at 607.255.5155. A health care provider is available by phone 24/7.
Posted June 25, 2009
Tompkins County H1N1 flu cases
The Tompkins County Health Department continues to investigate cases of H1N1 and other influenza-like illness. Treatment guidance is being offered to families and work places according to public health protocol. Additional cases are expected to arise at Cornell and throughout the county in the weeks ahead.
Posted June 18, 2009
Confirmed H1N1 flu cases
There are four confirmed H1N1 cases in Tompkins County including on the Cornell Campus. Today the Tompkins County Health Department confirmed a positive H1N1 test result involving a member of the Cornell Community who is doing well and recovering at home. H1N1 is likely the common flu virus now circulating in our community and across the country. We continue to encourage you to follow the basic steps of good hygiene, including hand washing, and covering coughs and sneezes. For more guidelines and information please visit Gannett Health Services, Tompkins County Health Department, New York State Health Department or Center for Disease Control.
Posted June 17, 2009
WHO Declares Swine Flu A Pandemic
First global flu pandemic decleared in 41 years
Posted June 11, 2009
First Case of H1N1 (Swine) Flu Identified in Broome County
Individual did not have any travel history to Mexico or down state
Posted May 28, 2009
Statement from N.Y. Health Commissioner Richard Daines
No new confirmed cases of H1N1
Posted May 6, 2009
Health officials have confirmed the presence of the H1N1 (swine) flu
Preliminary tests identified human swine flu cases in central New York
Posted April 30, 2009