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In their own words, 30 dynamic members of the Class of 2011 reflect on life and learning at Cornell and on the future.

Rebecca Ahrens-Nicklas Rebecca Ahrens-Nicklas obtained a M.D. and Ph.D. at Weill Cornell Medical College in physiology, biophysics and systems biology studying cardiac electrophysiology James 'Jimmy' Crowell James 'Jimmy' Crowell studied government, minored in international relations and Spanish in Arts and Sciences Josh Stansfield Josh Stansfield studied hotel administration in Hotel Administration Ali Hussain Ali Hussain studied government as a College Scholar in Arts and Sciences Christian Zamarrón Christian Zamarrón studied industrial and labor relations; minored in Latino studies; inequality studies; law and society in Ana Florencia Lopezulloa Ana Florencia Lopezulloa studied behavioral neuroscience, psychology and cognitive science as a College Scholar in Arts and Sciences Jean Damascene Nsabumurem Jean Damascene Nsabumurem studied development sociology in Agriculture and Life Sciences Celeste Marie Falcon Celeste Marie Falcon studied plant science concentrating in plant breeding and genetics in Agriculture and Life Sciences Andrea Bowring Andrea Bowring studied materials science and engineering in Engineering Catherine Lussenhop Catherine Lussenhop studied physics in Arts and Sciences Fiona Yu Fiona Yu studied human development in Human Ecology Nitin Malik Nitin Malik studied engineering physics in Engineering Luyuan Xing Luyuan Xing studied comparative literature, German studies in Arts and Sciences Adam J. Lowe Adam J. Lowe obtained a Ph.D. in microbiology studying bionanotechnology and recombinant protein production Konstantin Drabkin Konstantin Drabkin studied government in Arts and Sciences Vivian Clark Vivian Clark obtained a MMH in management in hospitality studying followed a self-directed study path with an emphasis on entrepreneurship Marlon Nichols Marlon Nichols obtained a MBA in business administration studying venture capital and entrepreneurship Jimmy A. Noriega Jimmy A. Noriega obtained a Ph.D. in theatre arts studying theater and performance in the Americas Rebecca Cantrell Rebecca Cantrell obtained a Ph.D. in chemical engineering studying small molecule organic semiconductors; simulation Réginald Sévère Réginald Sévère studied human biology, health and society; minored in global health in Human Ecology Matthew Mikhail Matthew Mikhail studied biological engineering in Engineering John T.G. Pena John T.G. Pena obtained a M.D. at Weill Cornell Medical College in medicine studying molecular biology Thu-Huong Nguyen Thu-Huong Nguyen studied urban and regional studies and Africana studies; minored in Asian American studies in AAP/Arts and Sciences Nathaniel Houghton Nathaniel Houghton studied policy analysis and management in Human Ecology James Robert Nault James Robert Nault obtained a J.D. in Law studying intellectual property/patent law Choumika Simonis Choumika Simonis studied human biology, health and society; minored in global health in Human Ecology Lindsey Starr Treviño Lindsey Starr Treviño obtained a Ph.D. in molecular and integrative physiology studying reproductive physiology Abena Oteng-Agipong Abena Oteng-Agipong obtained a Master's in information science (and a member of the first graduating class in this program) studying video game design, human-computer interactions and human factors Nathaniel Steele Nathaniel Steele studied communication in Agriculture and Life Sciences Madison Pearsall Madison Pearsall studied information science, systems and technology in Engineering