Got Pictures?

We are always looking for new images to put in the pano space.

What's the pano space, you ask?

The pano space is the 960x416 pixel image below the main navigation on the homepage.

What are we looking for?

Sometimes we don't know until we see it. But first and foremost, it needs to be a quality image (more details on technical specifications below). Next we need a place to send people when they click on it. Because if the image is doing its job, it makes us want to know more.

We have collected some of our most effective panos above. What do they have in common? An engaging image, a high click-thru rate by visitors and an interesting destination. (You may have noticed that two pictures are not linked to any content. Sometimes we just run awesome pictures.)

How do I get my image in the space?

First, we have to see it. Use our online image-submission form linked below. Include the name of the photographer, information about the picture, and the URL you would like us to link to.

We'll take a look and if we like it, the image will be sent to University Photography so they can make it ready for prime time.

Just to be perfectly clear ...

By sending us your image, you are giving the Office of Web Communications and University Communications permission to adjust, crop and use the image on

Technical specifications

Preferred formats: RAW or .tif and of course we'll take jpgs.
Preferred resolution: 300 dpi

Submit an image (NetID required)