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Research Features is a showcase of research programs and interdisciplinary activities that comprise the Cornell research enterprise. The features span the spectrum from nano to astro, and aim to highlight research in each college and school.

Contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Research if you have a suggestion for a feature.

Research Features

  • 2012 pecase

    Logevall wins 2013 Pulitzer Prize

    April 2013

    Historian Frederik Logevall was awarded the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for his acclaimed book, 'Embers of War: The Fall of an Empire and the Making of America's Vietnam.' more

    2012 pecase

    US News ranks Cornell's AEP first in the country

    February 2013

    In 2013 US News ranked Cornell's Applied and Engineering Physics program first in the country. more

    2012 pecase

    Cornell's 2012 PECASE winners

    August 2012

    Two Cornell scientists received the 2012 PECASE award. more

  • 2011 Cornell Pecase winners

    Cornell PECASE award winners

    October 2011

    In 2011 Cornell had more PECASE winners than any other institution. more

  • Water Circuits

    Cornell Sustainability Efforts

    May 2011

    Cornell is uniquely poised to address problems in sustainability, through faculty research, teaching, and outreach activities. more

  • USAF logo

    Celebrating science in DC

    September 2010

    Cornell is an official partner of the USA Science and Engineering Festival more

  • Water Circuits

    Summer Refreshment for Teachers

    June 2010

    Each summer, Cornell becomes the home to secondary teachers eager for new skills and knowledge. more

  • grocery shopping

    Evidence-based Food Choices

    April 2010

    Cornell researchers separate good scientific information from bad. more

  • Turf works

    If pictures are worth 1,000 words …

    February 2010

    … videos are priceless in their ability to tell a scientific story. more

  • Dance of scales

    Creative Collaborations

    January 2010

    Cornell faculty featured in 2010 Light in Winter festival are expert in fields from physics to food science, natural resources to applied math. more

  • Robot

    Teamwork Pays Off for Undergrads

    October 2009

    Cornell students are known for their passion for extracurricular research.more

  • Mosquito

    ARRA-Recovery Act Site Launched

    August 2009

    Stimulus funds generated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) are flowing to Cornell University's researchers and facilities. more

  • Robot

    Fresh Ideas on Renewable Energy

    May 2009

    Cornell researchers are looking for ways to harvest energy without harming the earth. more

  • Mosquito

    The New Buzz on Mosquitoes

    April 2009

    The pesky buzz of a nearby mosquito is the sound of love. more

  • Robot

    Hunting for experiential knowledge

    March 2009

    Whether it is anthropology or plant science, entomology or biofuels, undergraduate research is as diverse as Cornell's fields of study. more

  • Robot

    Resilient, Roving Robots

    February 2009

    Why robots? Because they can go places humans cannot, advance our understanding of consciousness, or improve quality of life. more

  • Rice Seedlings

    Dreaming of Green

    January 2009

    Even as snow blankets central New York, we color our world green. Green scientists create new materials. Green switch grass serves as biofuel. more

  • Saturn

    Got Questions?

    December 2008

    How many dimensions are there? Why are Saturn's rings flat? Is there an expert in online deception? Where can one find a copy of a 1921 Sears & Robucks catalog? more

  • creators of CherryPharm

    Harvesting the Results of Research

    October 2008

    Once the harvest is in across central New York State, farmers and entrepreneurs can access Cornell resources to improve their product development and processing efforts. more

  • undergrad in the lab

    Any Undergrad...Any Inquiry

    August 2008

    Whether it is anthropology or plant science, entomology or sociology, undergraduate research is as diverse as Cornell's fields of study. Undergrads engage in ... more

  • postdoctoral researcher

    Postdoc Researchers Thrive at Cornell

    April 2008

    Postdoctoral associates and fellows are engaged in the next stage of their professional development. The Office of Postdoctoral Studies provides postdocs with ... more

  • IPM researchers examine a blueberry crop

    Informed. Intelligent. Integrated Pest Management.

    January 2008

    On the ground and in the lab, Integrated Pest Management develops and demonstrates innovative, integrated ways to deal with pests. For farmers: better ways to ... more

  • light glows from inside a Cornell greenhouse

    The University that Never Sleeps

    December 2007

    A hush descends on campus from mid-December through the first weeks of the new year as faculty, staff, and students take a well-deserved break. Nevertheless ... more

  • Cornell students in Tanzania with local residents

    Global Health: A Joint Effort

    November 2007

    Cornell has launched an ambitious campaign to set the standard for interdisciplinary collaboration in areas of critical social importance ... more

  • Cornell library staff person scans a rare book

    Humanities at the Core of Research

    April 2007

    Cornell has a rich tradition of scholarship and research in the humanities. The Society for the Humanities was established 40 years ago to advance ... more

  • Students in computer lab

    Johnson School's Cutting Edge

    February 2007

    The Johnson School faculty generates critical knowledge and innovative ideas that guide today's business leaders and ... more

  • Two men high in hills

    Center for International Studies

    December 2006

    Carrying the name of its founder and celebrated scholar, Mario Einaudi, the Einaudi Center for International Studies provides new iniatives and support to ... more

  • Gloved hand holding a test tube

    Strategic Directions in Engineering

    October 2006

    The College of Engineering has identified six strategic areas of research focus for the next decade: Nanomaterials, Nanodevices, and Nanoscience; Systems Biology and ... more

  • Close-up of a new wine grape variety developed at Cornell

    Cornell Cultivates a "Noble Fruit"

    September 2006

    Cornell researchers perfect and introduce wine grapes that produce high-quality varietal wines in the East. Cornell labs provide analysis of NYS grape juice and ... more

  • Faculty team for 'The Evolving Family,' an ISS theme project

    Institute for the Social Sciences

    July 2006

    The Institute for the Social Sciences was created to foster collaborations among Cornell social scientists around such cutting-edge topics as evolving families, networks, and contentious ... more

  • Attendees of the Economic Development Summit

    Economic Development at Cornell

    March 2006

    Cornell researchers generate intellectual property and innovations that can positively impact the economic vitality of companies and communities. Through technology licensing and venture creation, ... more

  • Lisa Staiano-Coico, Dean, College of Human Ecology

    Human Ecology: A Focus on Health

    October 2005

    The College of Human Ecology engages in cutting-edge research related to human health, including tissue regeneration (textiles and apparel), brain function (human development), respiratory diseases ... more

  • Photo of a Liberty Apple

    An Apple a Day

    September 2005

    Cornell researchers discover truth in the adage, and are inventing new ways to keep your doctor away with apples. Other research examines how to develop, grow, and protect apples ... more

  • The Research Experiences for Undergraduate (REU) program

    Summer Research for Undergraduates

    May 2005

    Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs engage outstanding undergraduates in hands-on research, lectures, lab visits, and recreation activities in areas ranging from Astronomy to ... more

  • VIVO: Virtual Life Sciences

    VIVO: Virtual Life Sciences

    March 2005

    VIVO transcends campus, college, and departmental boundaries to provide an integrated view of the life sciences at Cornell. VIVO users can browse and search for faculty, research, educational ... more

  • Linking cutting edge research with the needs of the hospitality industry

    Tools for Hospitality Executives

    March 2005

    The Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) at the School of Hotel Administration conducts research significant to the hospitality industry and builds important links between the academic and industry communities. ... more

  • Evan Variano, a graduate student in civil and environmental engineering, demonstrates a portable tsunami teaching device he helped build

    Tsunami Research and Outreach

    February 2005

    The devastating impact of the Asian tsunami can be measured in scientific and human terms. Cornell researchers headed a scientific delegation to student effects in Sri Lanka. Graduate students developed ... more

  • A Cornell librarian

    Librarians: Your Ultimate Search Engine

    November 2004

    Resources for research: do you need everything ever written on your topic or just the most respected sources? ... more

  • The Power and Promise of Cornell Life Sciences

    Understanding Life, Improving Lives

    October 2004

    When biologists, physical and computer scientists, and engineers work together with tools such as DNA sequencing, supercomputers, and nanotechnology, revolutionary discoveries happen ... more

  • Photo of Duffield Hall

    Nanoscale Science under the Microscope

    September 2004

    Cornell plays a big role in the science of the very small. Faculty across four colleges participate in multidisciplinary research centers and have access to ... more

  • Photo of the Arecibo radio telescope

    Cornell's Corners of the Sky

    July 2004

    Astronomical research at Cornell spans the universe. From Arecibo's "giant eye in the jungle," to the Spitzer Space Telescope, to the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity, to the Cassini ... more