Student Blogs: Life on the Hill

There's only one way to find out what life can be like at Cornell: dip into some of our students' uncut and uncensored blogs.

Adam Kirsch

Adam Kirsch '16

Industrial and Labor Relations
& Graduate School
Business Administration

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Portrait of Grace Tan

Grace Tan '16

Chemical Engineering

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Portrait of Lauren Thiersch

Lauren Thiersch '16

Hotel Administration
Hotel Administration

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Kimberly Cardenas

Kimberly Cardenas '17

Arts & Sciences

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Elizabeth Crate

Elizabeth Crate '17

Graduate School
Genetics, Genomics & Development

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Portrait of Sushmitha Krishnamoorthy

Sushmitha Krishnamoorthy '17

Arts & Sciences
Computer Science

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Portrait of Sarah Lam

Sarah Lam '17

Human Ecology
Nutritional Sciences

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Madeleine Galvin

Madeleine Galvin '18

Agriculture & Life Sciences
Biological Engineering

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Beatrice Jin

Beatrice Jin '18

Arts & Sciences

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Blogs Archive

Eventually, our bloggers graduate and leave Cornell to begin the journey of the rest of their lives. Their stories stay behind so you can get a glimpse of their time on the Hill.