Student Life

Athletics & Physical Education

The official site of Cornell Athletics has schedules, tickets, updates, and recruitment information for all thirty-six varsity sports.

Hockey fans (aka the "Lynah Faithful") cheer on the Big Red ice men from behind the glass at Lynah Rink

Cornell Intramural Sports

Fun, recreational, social, and competitive on-campus sports activities for Cornell University students, staff, and recognized significant others.

Cornell Fitness Centers

Fitness centers committed to providing safe, effective, efficient, and enjoyable exercise programs for the Cornell community.

Cornell Outdoor Education

The most comprehensive collegiate outdoor education program in the country with gear rentals, climbing wall, challenge course, teambuilding, classes, and more.

Physical Education

One of the largest and most diverse physical culture programs in the Ivy League with over 100 courses available.

Sports Facilities

A comprehensive list of Cornell athletic facilities.