Student Life

Housing & Dining

Students walk through the Balch Hall arch on their way to class. Learn more about first-year residence halls.

Housing at Cornell

  • Housing and Residential Programs: On-campus undergraduate and graduate housing, residential initiatives, and community centers. Cornell guarantees on-campus housing for freshmen, sophomores and transfer students who desire it. Living opportunities range from high-rise dormitories to suites, themed communities, and the cooperative house system.
  • Residential Initiative and West Campus House System: The goals of the Residential Initiative are to develop a first-year residential experience and reshape the upper-class student experience through the development of a residential house system with faculty leadership.
  • Themed Living and Learning Communities: Cornell's themed living and learning communities allow you to "live" a passionate interest or nurture a budding curiosity in the company of like-minded fellow students.
  • Graduate & Professional Student Housing
  • Off-Campus Housing: Get advice on renting and search up-to-date local listings through this Campus Life service.
students outside Collegetown Bagels

Students outside Collegetown Bagels. Other destinations in Collegetown include dozens of restaurants, two grocery stores, a travel agency, a bicycle shop, a late-night cookie bakery, and plenty of night spots.

Dining at Cornell

  • Cornell Dining: This is food you'll look forward to, everything from quick snacks to gourmet meals at one of Cornell's acclaimed eateries.
  • Off-Campus Dining: Ithaca has an amazingly diverse array of restaurants serving up selections of traditional, regional, and ethnic cuisine. You'll also find some of the best espresso in the country here.