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Academic Life
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Academic Life
An interdisciplinary humanities seminar. (Image: University Photography)

Cornell may be a cutting-edge research university, but that doesn't mean undergraduate education is an afterthought. A Cornell undergrad could spend the morning in a meeting with a professor for an independent study and the afternoon in large survey courses like Psych 101.

Students here work hard. Besides attending classes -- usually only three or four each day -- there's reading, writing, and research, not to mention preparing for exams. But students still find time to build friendships, volunteer off campus, hold part-time jobs, and play sports.

And while some students spend their four years close to campus, many go farther afield. They study natural medicinals in South America, marine biology off the coast of Maine, and public policy in Albany, New York. In addition to university-run programs in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Rome, Italy, Cornellians travel to sites around the world, polishing their language skills and broadening their horizons.

"The chance to be an English major while taking classes in hotel management, human development, and biology and society is built into the backbone of the university."
Katie Thornton '05
English and French Area Studies
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