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Social Life
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Social Life
A cafe patio in Collegetown. (Image: University Photography)

There's more to college than studying, and Cornell is no exception. Coffeeshops, bookstores, and sports venues dot the campus.

In Collegetown, dance clubs, a tea shop, and an arcade offer late-night amusements. Then there are the local Ithaca attractions: more than 150 restaurants (including Cajun, Thai, Vietnamese, Viennese, and Lao, not to mention Italian, Chinese, all-night diners, and fast-food joints), 16 bookstores, and more than a dozen cinemas.

Outdoor destinations include waterfalls, nature preserves, and several state parks within a 30-minute drive of campus.

With winter's approach, students wax their skis, sharpen their skates, and practice the cheers they'll chant at hockey games in Lynah Rink. In spring and fall, a farmer's market on the Cayuga Lake Inlet provides a change of scene and excellent snacking.

Throughout the year, campus publications, intramural sports, and more than 500 student-run organizations make it easy to find companions with similar interests.

"With over 500 student organizations here on campus, the chances of not finding something you like are slim."
Steve DiNardo '04
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