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Ho Plaza
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Ho Plaza
Willard Straight Hall. (Image: University Photography)

Located at the crossroads of campus, Ho Plaza serves as Cornell's town square. Here, between Willard Straight Hall and the Cornell Store, students chalk announcements of meetings on the sidewalk and stage stunts to publicize upcoming events. At the beginning of the school year, campus organizations pitch tents and hand out information to new students. On the last day of classes, African American and Latino fraternities hold step-dance competitions on the Straight's front stairs.

Here, too, students make their voices heard, hoist signs, and encourage passers-by to sign petitions. The topics vary, as do their positions. In recent years, students have commented on budget decisions in Washington, the state of politics in Kenya, and greenhouse gas emissions on campus.

Fundraisers take advantage of the foot traffic, too. Fraternities sell flowers to raise money for charities and local Girl Scouts selling cookies set up tables on the plaza, lined by Gannett Health Center and Sage Chapel.

"Students are always here, whether it is to publicize events, meet friends, or listen to an a capella group sing."
Jessica Garay '04
Nutritional Sciences and Human Development
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