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Engineering Quad
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Engineering Quad
Rhodes Hall. (Image: University Photography)

Courses of study in the College of Engineering include both civil and electrical engineering, as well as environmental and mechanical engineering. Students build soccer-playing robots, design prize-winning formula SAE racecars, and program computer games. They excel in math, science, and problem-solving. And because the university has a strong liberal arts program, they also take classes on literature, foreign language, and social sciences to broaden their minds.

To help undergrads decide what kind of work they'll pursue after graduation, the college sponsors co-op, a seven-month, paid internship, combined with one summer on campus. Participants still graduate in four years, but enter the job market with relevant work experience as well as solid academic preparation.

The college's nearly 40,000 alumni have used their degrees to pursue careers in toy design and toxic waste cleanup, yacht building and biomedical prosthetic design. They design computer graphics for Hollywood and drugs for pharmaceutical companies.

"Cornell is notable for its dual emphasis on a theoretically based course of study and an environment where undergraduate students are actively involved in influential and world-class research."
Rob Profusek '03
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