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Beyond Campus
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Beyond Campus
Students at Shoals Marine Laboratory (Image: University Photography)

In addition to dozens of Cooperative Extension offices across New York State, Cornell has outposts from Rome to the Amazonian rain forest, not to mention the world's largest single dish radiotelescope, at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, and a pair of top-flight medical colleges in Manhattan.

At the Shoals Marine Laboratory, off the rocky coast of Maine, researchers investigate oceanography, the ecology of animal behavior, and wetlands resources. The Arnot Teaching and Research Forest, just an hour's drive from Ithaca, provides a natural laboratory for land-based studies.

More than 500 students participate in Cornell Abroad each year, through programs in more than 40 countries, from Belize to Vietnam, Jamaica to Japan. The Archaeology Program's Aegean Dendrochronology Project has unearthed relics dating to the Bronze Age, while Cornell-in-Washington allows students to combine research, classes, and internships in government, media, law, business, and humanities for a full semester's credit.

"Cornellians go everywhere and invariably meet other Cornellians who have gone there before. The alumni network of this university is just incredible."
Kira Moriah '03
Government and Asian Studies
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