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Ag Quad
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Ag Quad
Ag Quad in autumn. (Image: WPG)

Whether you're enjoying great-tasting ice cream, a premium Finger Lakes red wine, or longer-lasting tomatoes, chances are good that you're benefiting from research conducted at Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

The college traces its roots to a sick heifer on Ezra Cornell's farm in the 1850s. When the cow died despite Cornell's best attempts to nurse it back to health, he lamented the lack of scientific understanding at the disposal of New York's farmers. Why shouldn't he understand the diseases of cattle or the bugs that attacked his crops, he wondered.

Nearly 150 years after that sick cow's demise, Ag & Life Sciences students, faculty, and alumni do work that matters not just on the farm, but also in the city and half a world away from upstate New York. They study economics and management, genetic engineering, natural resources, education, landscape architecture, nutrition, and geophysics.

"One of my best friends took the Food Sciences ice cream course and created "Carl Sagan's Cosmic Crunch," - chocolate ice cream, marshmallow swirl for the milky way, "buncha crunch" candy for the planets, and star sprinkles."
Jamie Newberry '05
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