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Architecture, Art, and Planning
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Architecture Arts and Planning
Sibley Hall after a January snow. (Image: University Photography)

Architecture, Art, and Planning students spend their summers as interns at museums and construction companies, art galleries and big-city planning departments, community partnerships and historic preservation organizations. Through the college's popular study-abroad program in Rome, they travel to Italy for a semester studying classical design.

Cornell's smallest college offers three majors: architecture, fine arts, and urban and regional studies. The intensive, five-year architecture program graduates about 65 students each year. As undergraduates, they spend the bulk of their time in the Rand Hall studios, with a view of the Triphammer Falls. Fine arts students paint, draw, sculpt, and make prints in the studios of Tjaden and Sibley. The college's foundry stands across University Avenue, on the edge of the gorge.

The construction of Milstein Hall where Rand Hall now stands is scheduled for completion in 2006. The new building will provide the college additional classrooms and studio spaces, as well as a new home for the college's library.

"With an emphasis on studio-based work and teachings, students are pushed to apply their knowledge in an environment where faculty and visiting scholars provide field-specific guidance."
Rob Profusek '03
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