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Cascadilla Gorge
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Cascadilla Creek
Cascadilla Creek and Collegetown Bridge. (Image: University Photography)

Cascadilla Gorge marks the boundary between central campus and Collegetown. Two bridges, the western Stewart Avenue span, and another, at College Avenue (above), convey pedestrians and automobiles across the gorge.

In the university's early days, a few hardy students roomed downtown and trekked to classes each morning along the gorge path or up the nearby Buffalo Street hill. Most, however, made their homes in Cascadilla Hall, along with faculty families. The sturdy gray building at the southern edge of the gorge also housed administrative offices and separate dining rooms for students and professors.

Cascadilla still stands sentinel at the top of the gorge and currently serves as a residence to upperclassmen, but not their professors. Spectacular views, central Collegetown location, and an entrance to the gorge trail just feet from the building's back door make Cascadilla especially popular with sophomores.

"For many, its distinct presence awakens feelings of peace and comfort as many upperclassmen travel home from a busy day of classes and activities."
Rob Profusek '03
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