dairy cow
Tom Schryver
Reed Skaggs and Laura Uttley
member of Ruth Richarson's lab takes a water sample
Police detective Brad Connors in his car
graduate student speaker
Joseph Stiglitz
Célestin Monga
Tatkon Center staff member
Tatkon Center staff member
Tatkon Center staff member
Oculi installation
Ruth Messinger
Debra James
Maiquela Richards, Troy Anderson and Martha Pollack
Dean Kathryn Boor with CALS graduates
Class of 2018 Thank You
candidates Renee Alexander, Laura Kipfer, Jeramy Kruser and Jeremey Yaw
Human Ecology graduates walk in the procession
students in caps and gowns with McGraw Tower in the backround
Cornell Tech MBA graduates
CIPA graduates
Johnson MBA program graduates
greenhouse on Cornell's Ithaca campus