Qatar Campus

Faculty work closely with medical students to instruct and guide them in the art and science of patient care.

Each year WCMC-Q students volunteer in the National Health Authority's Mass Immunization Program.

WCMC-Q's community of students is international and culturally diverse.

Interactive videoconferences with faculty in New York are part of the learning experience.

Faculty and Students

Pre-medical Faculty

Pre-med students are taught by faculty appointed by Cornell University.

Pre-medical faculty, who hold Cornell University appointments, are based in Doha. They are supported by Teaching Assistants, the majority of whom are appointed from among recent graduates of Cornell University, as well as Course Directors who are appointed by the Chair of the relevant department in Ithaca. In a departure from the standard method of delivery, one course—Introductory Psychology—is brought to WCMC-Q by streaming video from Cornell University. "Psych 101" has been taught by Professor James B. Maas for over 40 years; the audience now extends from Ithaca to Doha.

Medical Faculty

All Medical Program faculty are appointed to their respective academic departments at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. The curriculum is delivered by a combination of faculty resident in Qatar and faculty based in the U.S.

Faculty resident in Qatar lecture, act as facilitators in small group sessions and serve as mentors for the students. As of July 2006, when the first group of students began their Clinical Clerkships, resident faculty Clerkship Directors, assisted by faculty based at Hamad Medical Corporation, provide the students with clinical instruction within the local hospital system.

Visiting faculty, who are active teachers in the medical curriculum at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, periodically travel to Doha to deliver the same material to the WCMC-Q students.

Finally, selected lectures are brought to WCMC-Q by streaming video from the Medical College in New York City. These sessions are normally followed by question and answer sessions via videoconference between the students in Qatar and the lecturer(s) in the U.S.


Visiting faculty from the Medical College in New York City participate in teaching medical students at WCMC-Q.

In harmony with the Education City community as a whole, the student body at WCMC-Q is international and culturally diverse. Currently, over 200 students from more than 30 countries are enrolled in the Medical College. Recruitment efforts are largely focused in Qatar and the region, with a small proportion of students coming from further afield.

Versatile and talented, the students have created a vibrant community of clubs for everything from acting and dance to poetry and sport. They regularly volunteer for various initiatives within Education City, Doha and further abroad, including for example assisting with a national campaign to immunize children in Qatar and rebuilding homes for victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami in India. In addition, the Medical Student Executive Council in Qatar works to maintain regular and dynamic communications between students at WCMC-Q and their colleagues at Cornell and Weill Cornell in the U.S.



Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar: Doha, Qatar
Founded: 2001

Number of Faculty based in Doha*

Pre-medical 20
Medical 34
Medical (HMC Affiliated) 131

Enrollment for 2008 - 2009*

Class of 2009 (4th Year Medical) 16
Class of 2010 (3rd Year Medical) 26
Class of 2011 (2nd Year Medical) 30
Class of 2012 (1st Year Medical) 27
2nd Year Pre-medical 59
1st Year Pre-medical 61
Foundation 20**

* as of September 2008

** The Foundation Program opened in September 2007. Students follow a one-year program of studies to prepare them for success in the intensive two-year Pre-medical Program.