Use this page to create and edit your preferences for receiving one or more weekly email messages containing event notifications from Cornell's central events calendar, based on campus unit, event type, and/or search terms.

In order to set up or modify an events listing, we need your :

Please note: we offer an authenticated alternative for Cornell email addresses. That version does not require a separate step to confirm your email address when you set up or modify your event listings. If you prefer to use your NetID to authenticate, try that version instead of this one.

An email message will be sent to the address entered for confirmation. It will contain a link back to this site, allowing you to create or modify custom events listings.

(Only one email address per listing is permitted.)

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Specify units, event types, and/or search terms or try other choices to find some events.
Specify additional units, event types, and/or search terms or try other choices to find more events.


  • You may select elect up to 20 units and/or events types. Click on the input fields above and then type directly within them to search by name, even when other choices have been made.
  • Each weekly email message will contain events matching your choices and will contain a link to add each to your personal calendar if you specify one.
  • The lists of units and event types are subject to change at any time. Some may be redundant or unofficial.
  • The email summaries are sent in the early morning hours, between midnight and 5am.
  • Consider creating separate weekly emails if you want to monitor more than a few combinations of units, event types, and/or search terms. Only a maximum of 100 events can be listed per email so a broad search may not find all events meeting all criteria.

* If you prefer to skip ahead for longer-term planning, you may specify how many days to jump over. For example, if you want a 10-day list of events, and receive the email on July 1, then normally the events listed will be from July 1-10; however, if you skip 7 days, then the events listed will be from July 8-18.

** If you want to limit events to certain units and event types in combination, such as only seminars and lectures for physics and chemistry, then choose "all"; otherwise you will receive any physics and chemistry events regardless of type, and all seminars and lectures regardless of dept.

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