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Virtual event held May 6, 2021 to recognize the winners of the James A. Perkins Prize and three special Diversity and Inclusion awards given by Student and Campus Life (SCL).

The Perkins Prize was established by Trustee Emeritus Thomas W. Jones '69 to recognize James A. Perkins. Perkins was Cornell president during the 1969 Willard Straight Occupation of which Jones was a participant. The Perkins Prize is awarded to the program or organization making the most significant contribution to furthering the ideal of university community while respecting the values of racial and cultural diversity. A Cornell student organization was awarded the $5,000 prize to further support activities that promote interracial and intercultural respect, understanding, peace, and harmony on campus.

SCL awarded three Diversity and Inclusion awards: the Quiet Influence Award, Student Organization of the Year Award, and the Transformational Leadership Award. All awards honored students and or student organizations who have notably played a role in uplifting SCL’s diversity and inclusion values.