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This webcast is a precursor to the in-person, immersive Algorithms at Work training course being offered by Cornell ILR Executive Education at the Cornell Tech Campus in NYC May 4-5.

Big data and algorithms have become ubiquitous in the modern world of work. Companies and organizations use these technologies throughout the employment cycle from recruitment to scheduling, performance and retirement. While these tools bring benefits to an organization, they also raise issues that HR leaders need to be familiar with. This webcast will offer insight into what the modern HR specialist needs to know and what corporate attorneys and legal teams need to be aware of regarding statistical models and how they are used in predictive analytics, the data science behind machine-learning and big data uses, as well as the ethical and legal aspects raised by this automation. The information covered is also important to anyone involved in selecting a vendor to provide big data services. Presenters will take questions from the live audience.


- M. Elizabeth Karns – Senior Lecturer, Social Statistics
- Ifeoma Ajunwa – Assistant Professor, Organizational Behavior
- Martin T. Wells - The Charles A. Alexander Professor of Statistical Sciences