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Disability Accommodation?

Three experts -- Valerie Reyna, professor and co-director of the Cornell MRI Facility; Adam Anderson, associate professor; and Nathan Spreng, assistant professor -- in the Department of Human Development share their insights and research findings in this fascinating arena of human understanding in this October 25, 2013 panel discussion.

Reyna's research focuses on dual processes in memory, judgment, and decision making, on how these processes change with age and expertise, and on their implications for risky decision making in law, health, medicine, and neuroscience.

Anderson's research explores the psychological and neural underpinnings of emotions, from their facial and physiological expression to their interactions with cognitive processes such as attention and memory.

Spreng uses fMRI to identify physiological traits in the brain that lead to dementia and help people develop memories about themselves.

This event was part of the Trustee Council Weekend 2013 activities.