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Disability Accommodation?

Every year Cornell's undergraduate community becomes more diverse than the year before, as reflected in the compositional structure of our incoming class: race, socioeconomic status, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ability. While demographic diversity is an ongoing priority, our focus becomes equity and inclusion. Do all community members feel a sense of ownership and belonging? Are collaboration, mutual respect, and an appreciation of diverse backgrounds and points of view embedded in our values and campus culture? This video captures students' experiences, challenges and aspirations.

Featured: Amber Aspinall, ILR '17; Saadat Badruddin, CALS '17; Yamini Bhandari, ILR '17; Eddy Cruz '17; Jonathan Goldstein, ILR '17; Dustin Liu, ILR '19; Julia Montejo, AS '17; Kyonne Rowe, ILR '18; Hadar Sachs, AAP '17; and Adam Shelepak, AS '17.

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