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Disability Accommodation?

No one owes anyone sex, but everyone deserves respect.

It's not about assigning blame. It's about making sure everyone's having a good time! It's about making sure your friend, your girlfriend, your roommate--the acquaintance you were just introduced to--is sober enough to be going home with that guy, that girl, a friend, or you. It's about understanding how people think about those questionable situations where consent is assumed. When we forget that no one wants to be forced, pressured, or not remember.

Healthy sex isn't just using protection. And real communication can mean the difference between "What did I do?" and "What did he/she/they do to me?". What happens to one person affects all of us. Nothing will change if we refuse to talk about it. It's a problem that affects everyone.

Let's make EVERY1 part of the solution. Let's start the conversation.

Thank you: Jeremy Blum and Jeff Ayars for help with editing; Leah Salgado, Rachael Blumenthal, Nicole Offerdahl, and Erica Sutton for helping organize, run, clean up, and make creative decisions throughout the filming; and everyone who participated in the video itself (including those who are not featured in the final piece).