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On January 11, 2007, Ezra Cornell's 200th birthday was celebrated with a party, historical retrospectives, and a Jennie McGraw Bell Tower chimes concert, played by chimes master, Gretchen Ryan. Read about the event in the Cornell Chronicle at

The order and names of the pieces played were:

  • Happy Birthday (on audio-only version)
  • Guberstag - A "traditional" tune/version of Happy Birthday (on audio-only version)
  • Sonatine in G Major (Beethoven)
  • Hail, Columbia (Phile, though sometimes attributed to Johannes Roth)
  • Farewell to the Woodlands (Arne)
  • Cornell Hymn (Quarles)
  • Rise, My Soul/Amsterdam (Nares)
  • Wanderlied (Schumann)
  • Cornell Alma Mater

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