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Perspectives in Global Development Seminar Series: Fall 2021From from domestic and foreign waters, "The Development Diplomat: Working Across Borders, Boardrooms, and Bureaucracies to End Poverty" is the story of an immigrant woman who blended skillsets and worked across borders, boardrooms, and bureaucracies to fight global poverty. Many people aspire to "change the world," but making a difference on a global scale is not easy. When first-generation, Muslim-American Fatema Z. Sumar had the chance to serve across the U.S. government as a diplomat, political aide, and development expert, she seized it. Traveling more than three-quarters of a million miles to dozens of countries, from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Mongolia and Jordan, Fatema worked to fight poverty and create economic opportunities for people around the globe while raising young children at home. Her stories reveal an up-close look at the highs and lows of a career in Development Diplomacy. Her seminar speaks to anyone interested in working on foreign policy and international development, laying out the roadmap fir the next generation of Development Diplomats.About the presenterGlobally, with nearly one out of every three people living in poverty, Fatema Z. Sumar believes we must tackle the root causes to create lasting solutions. She is a mission-oriented change leader and author, creating a more equal world by transforming global systems to reach vulnerable populations. She wrote The Development Diplomat: Working Across Borders, Boardrooms, and Bureaucracies to End Poverty to share stories from her own journey to inspire others to invest in development diplomacy. Fatema has a distinguished career, leading efforts to advance inclusive and sustainable development in emerging markets and fragile countries. In 2021, President Biden appointed Fatema as the Vice President of Compact Operations at the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation, an independent U.S. government foreign aid agency that reduces