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Barbara Kohler, artist-in-residence with Cornell's Institute for German Cultural Studies, presents the IGCS Cornell Lecture on Contemporary Aesthetics April 16, 2013 from her inspired creative perspective on poetic language, quantum physics and imaginary numbers. The performance pivots on what this prize-winning author cultivates poetically as "precision in ambiguity."

Born in the former East Germany in 1959, Kohler has emerged as one of the most creatively significant and formally exacting German poets of our time with prize-winning publications such as Deutsches Roulette (1991), Blue Box (1995), Wittgensteins Nichte (1999), Niemands Frau (2007), and literary translations of Gertrude Stein and Samuel Beckett, in addition to acclaimed multi-media installations and performances concerning the evolving nature of poetic language and textual arts.