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Disability Accommodation?

We know far more about individuals and populations than we do about social interactions, which are fleeting, hard to observe, and tedious to record. All that is changing, thanks to the rapid growth of on-line networks, where social interactions leave a digital trace. research on social and information networks, both on- and off-line.

An April 23 lecture capped the three-year theme project, "Getting Connected: Social Science in the Age of Networks," sponsored by the Institute for the Social Sciences at Cornell. Faculty members representing the 10-person, interdisciplinary research team described their activities, including new educational initiatives and research directions.


  • David Easley (Economics)
  • Jon Kleinberg (Computer Science)
  • Kathleen O'Connor (Management)
  • Michael Macy (Sociology)
  • Dan Huttenlocher (Computer Science and Management)

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