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Note: We are experiencing technical difficulties with our recording of this broadcast. We are working to improve the quality, if possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Spring is an exciting time for Cornell's fraternities and sororities as we look forward to welcoming new members. In this live video session, student representatives from the fraternity and sorority councils will explain the timeline and day-to-day experience of this mutual selection process.

Student presenters will include: Blake Brown '17, Interfraternity Council President; Natasha Wissmann '17, Panhellenic Council President; and Edward Cruz '17, Multicultural Greek Letter Council President.

The timeline for Recruitment is as follows:
- The Interfraternity Council (fraternities) will host formal rush/recruitment events January 18-25, 2017.
- The Panhellenic Council (sororities) will host formal rush/recruitment events January 18-23, 2017.
- Asian-interest organizations and historically black and Latin based organizations will conduct membership intake throughout the spring semester.

Students interested in Interfraternity Rush or Panhellenic Recruitment should be sure to register through the respective council websites.

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