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Disability Accommodation?

Because immigrants do not have the same legal rights as citizens outside of the workplace, they work in jobs where employment protections are limited. They often work as independent contractors, contingent workers or subcontractors because they are not free to enter and exit the formal labor market as they see fit. Now a broader swath of people in the gig economy face the same precarious working conditions. This presentation will offer lessons from the immigrant workplace for the gig economy, and will propose ways to protect the most vulnerable workers in our changing economy.

Sponsored by the Cornell ILR School. Co-sponsors: Africana Studies and Research Center, Center for the Study of Inequality, Cornell Farmworker Program, Cornell Law School, Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Institute for the Social Sciences.

Alice Hanson Cook, ILR professor, was renowned throughout the world for her scholarship and activism in support of working women. This Distinguished Lectureship honors whose research and activism have contributed to social justice and equality.