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Disability Accommodation?

Barack Obama opposed the invasion of Iraq and campaigned on the need for an American withdrawal. What difficult issues now confront President-Elect Obama in Iraq?

Taking part in the Nov. 10 debate in Kennedy Hall were:

  • Juan Cole, Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate professor of history at the University of Michigan
  • Michael O'Hanlon, senior fellow in foreign policy at the Brookings Institution
  • Lakhdar Brahimi, A.D. White Professor-at-Large and former special adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • Ra'id Juhi Hamadi Al-Saiedi, former chief investigative judge of the Iraqi High Tribunal and the Cornell Law School's first Clarke Middle East fellow
  • Moderated by Fredrik Logevall, Cornell University

This event is part of the Lund Critical Debate series and organized by the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies.

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