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Disability Accommodation?

From our crops to our commutes and our computers, how secure and sustainable is the infrastructure upon which modern human life operates? Cornell scientists and engineers discuss what the future holds for bridges and highways, food systems, energy development, data and internet security, and water availability. Part of Cornell's sesquicentennial celebration, April 24-27, 2015.

Panelists: Susan Christopherson (Department Chair, City & Regional Planning, Cornell University); Sarah Evanega (International Professor, Plant Breeding & Genetics (adjunct), Cornell University); Rick Geddes (Associate Professor, Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University); Pat Reed (Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Cornell University); Fred Schneider (Professor, Computer Science & Information Science; Professor, Communications, Cornell University); Jeff Hancock (Professor & Chair, Information Science, Cornell University); and John Morales (Chief Meteorologist, WTVJ NBC-6 Miami).