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Disability Accommodation?

As intelligent systems are increasingly deployed into workplaces, human workers are increasingly in positions to work in coordination and integration with them. To be sure, AI poses threats in the form of the replacement of workers, but, in addition, it stands poised to alter the content and quality of the work that remains.

In this talk, Karen Levy considers how human workers confront computational incursions into their workspaces, how we work alongside them, and—importantly—how we push back against them. Levy is an assistant professor in the Department of Information Science at Cornell University, and associated faculty at Cornell Law School. She researches how law and technology interact to regulate behavior, with emphasis on legal, organizational, and social aspects of surveillance and monitoring. Dr. Levy holds a PhD in Sociology from Princeton University, where her dissertation work examined the development of legal and organizational surveillance in the United States trucking industry. She also holds a JD from Indiana University‚Äôs Maurer School of Law.