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Disability Accommodation?

Kirby Edmonds '99 is managing partner of TFC Associates, a human relations training and consulting firm based in Ithaca, and director of the Dorothy Cotton Institute which envisions the full realization of a just and peaceful Beloved Community in which all people understand, respect, protect and exercise full human rights.

At TEDxCornellU, November 17, 2013, he talks about how poverty is structured in the Tompkins County economy and what it would take to eliminate structural poverty. Edmonds includes an analysis of both the poverty and criminal justice sectors of the economy and how they function as vehicles for keeping families in cyclical and generational poverty. He also describes how through a "collective impact" approach to improving academic performance results and establishing a "jobs pipeline" targeted to low-income families and individuals we can eliminate structural poverty.

The Center for Transformative Action is proud to have organized this TEDx event, which celebrated the many ways in which knowledge is put to work in pursuit of economic vitality, ecological sustainability, and social well-being. Co-sponsored by Entrepreneurship@Cornell; Cornell's Engaged Learning + Research; Cornell's College of Architecture, Art and Planning; the Johnson School of Management's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute; the Iscol Family Program for Leadership in Public Service; Cornell's Global Health Program and departments of Government, Development Sociology, and Art; the Alternatives Federal Credit Union; and GreenStar Cooperative Market.