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Disability Accommodation?

Eric Fisher '98, Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp, moderates a panel discussion analyzing the challenges of sports leagues returning to play during COVID-19, as part of Cornell Sports & Entertainment Week.

The professional sports industry has long provided fans a reprieve from the challenges of the world around us. However, in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic, the industry was forced to shut down at a time when we needed it the most. This panel focuses on the innumerable challenges faced by professional sports leagues in attempting a safe return to competition, the collaboration by players and leagues that was necessary to overcome those challenges, the lessons learned in managing through the worst crisis the sports industry has ever faced, and the future of professional sports in the age of Covid-19.

Cornell Sports & Entertainment Week (Oct 12-16, 2020) is a virtual event series for inspiring the next generation of Cornellians to pursue careers in these interrelated and dynamic fields. Cornell students and alumni will interact in immersive online sessions that surface the biggest topics and trends in sports and entertainment. It’s all about learning and networking with accomplished alumni from premiere organizations like the NFL, MLB, NBA, Netflix, HBO and NBCUniversal. Cornell Sports & Entertainment Week is produced by the ILR Alumni Association Sports & Entertainment Executives (SEE) in celebration of the ILR School’s 75th Anniversary and open to all Cornell students and alumni.