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Disability Accommodation?

The premise is that there has been an apocalyptic event and the survivors (the members of the audience) are all on a life raft with one spot left.

The survivors stumble upon a group of professors, all from different fields. As a result, the survivors decide to hold a trial. Each professor argues why he or she, and his or her discipline, will be necessary in the new world.

1) As students of the humanities in an age in which the education system urges students to pursue mathematics and the sciences, the members of Logos feels that it would be intellectually worthwhile to afford professors an opportunity to defend their fields of study. This is especially true when the universities across the country are slashing humanities departments (a topic Pres. Skorton recently taken up in his "state of the university,")
2) As professors will be explaining the utility of their different courses of study, we feel that this event could serve as a smorgasbord to assist undeclared students in picking a major. We hope to get in contact with the freshman writing seminar program, so as to urge freshmen to attend this event with this end in mind.