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Ray J. Wu, late Cornell University professor of molecular biology and genetics, is widely recognized as one of the fathers of genetic engineering. He developed and sought to feed the world with a higher yielding rice that resists insects and drought. Colleagues, friends and former students of Ray Wu came together at a symposium, October 3, 2008, to celebrate his lifetime contributions to science and humanity.


  • Opening remarks by Susan Henry, Ronald P. Lynch Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University
  • Hunter Rawlings, President Emeritus, Cornell University: "Remembering Ray Wu"
  • Dr. Ajay Garg, Cornell University: "Feeding the hungry -- Transgenic rice plants tolerant of drought and salt"
  • Dr. Junying Yuan, professor of cell biology, Harvard Medical School: "A quest to understand the mechanisms of neurodegeneration"
  • Dr. Guoliang Yu, chairman, president and CEO, Epitomics, Inc.: "Discovery and development of monoclonal antibody drugs using RabMAb technology"
  • Dr. Ning Wei, principle investigator, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Yale University: "The COP9 Signalosome: A regulator of protein degradation and gene expression in plants and animals"

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