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Disability Accommodation?

Rust to Green NYS (R2G NYS) is an emerging network and action research initiative led by Cornell faculty in Landscape Architecture, Education and Natural Resources.

R2G NYS identifies and designs innovative ways to assist New York's rust belt cities in realizing their potential to become green, livable and resilient places. With seed funding from USDA Hatch, R2G NYS is currently working with the cities of Binghamton and Utica.

This presentation profiles the R2G Initiative, in particular the efforts in Utica. Faculty, students and R2G Utica partners present the project's principles, process, progress, and activities since its inception in February 2010.

Building on Professor Horrigan's presentation, Professor Peters addresses how we are to understand the nature, meaning, significance and value of higher education's public engagement mission and work, in and for a democratic society, a theme explored deeply in his recent book "Democracy and Higher Education: Traditions and Stories of Civic Engagement."

This event was part of the Trustee Council Weekend 2010 activities.