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Carol Kammen, a prominent local historian and the author of "Cornell: Glorious to View," offers a reflection entitled "Andrew D. White: Against Tradition." Kammen examines White's contributions to the University's culture of intellectual and spiritual exploration.

November is the month of Andrew D. White's birth and death, and a fitting time to reflect on White's contributions to the University's founding and growth. Kammen, whose published works include two books on Cornell history and several works on the practice of local history, will highlight White's commitment to coeducation and nonsectarianism, and the centrality of the library and of beauty to his concept of the University.

Kammen spoke on Nov. 12, 2008 in Sage Chapel.

Not a worship service, more than a lecture, Sage Wednesdays allows for the expression of a public philosophy and public theology and consideration of the personal pursuit of meaning and purpose. The series provides an opportunity to reflect upon and discuss the important issues of our time, creating the space for scholarly exploration and spiritual meditation.

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