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He has been a horse wrangler in New Mexico and a competitive sharpshooter in Massachusetts -- not to mention an engineer, a businessman and a skipper of very fast sailboats.

Now best known as the pioneering biophysicist behind fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) and multiphoton microscopy (MPM) -- revolutionary imaging techniques invented in his laboratory -- Watt W. Webb, professor of applied physics and the Samuel B. Eckert Professor in Engineering was joined by colleagues and friends from around the world at a June 16 symposium marking his 80th birthday.


  • Daniel R. Larson: Modulation and Measurement of Transcription of Light
  • Watt Webb: Tentanda Via Est
  • John Silcox: Introduction to Kavli lecture
  • Roderick MacKinnon: Ion Channels and Cell Membranes