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Disability Accommodation?

The digital, virtual, computational, cognitive, economic, global, and cultural transformations to human subjectivity are revolutionary, and challenge us to rethink the nature of humanist thought and artistic meaning. Contemporary art is both revelatory and translational--it appropriates culture to re-position it, it filters the raw footage of contemporary life into sharp contrasts that impact our political, social, and cultural consciousness. The power of the new arts to move markets, create new paradigms for the production and organization of knowledge and information, and to synthesize our complex environment into new streams of thought is vital. This panel explores these issues in the context of Cornell university and its unique role in fostering a culture of innovation in the arts and through arts programming that challenges conventional notions of space, performance, and visuality.

Moderator: Milton S. F. Curry '88, Director, Cornell Council for the Arts; Associate Professor of Architecture


  • Jumay R. Chu, Senior Lecturer in Dance, Department of Theatre, Film, and Dance
  • Patrick Dougherty, Sculptor, North Carolina, CCA Cornell Public Visiting Installation Artist, 2006
  • Terry D. Plater, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, The Graduate School; Chair, Ithaca Public Arts Commission