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We work and live in a visually mediated environment. Understanding the value of visual information is one of the keys to effective communication.

In this CyberTower Study Room, you'll learn how to use visuals in your presentations to support your message. Because PowerPoint has become the most prevalent software tool for business presentations and academic lectures, Amy Newman will focus on this application as she discusses and demonstrates the uses of visual communication, warns you of some of the common pitfalls, and then guides you through seven key principles for improving your presentations:

making the main point clear,
making the presentation easy to follow,
choosing an attractive and appropriate design,
replacing text with graphics,
replacing numbers with charts,
writing simply and clearly, and
making sure that PowerPoint remains a tool that supports the presentation, rather than becoming the focus of the presentation.

Whether you use PowerPoint or other presentation software, this CyberTower room will provide you with a wealth of useful tips.

This video is part 7 of 7 in the Using Visuals to Support a Presentation: PowerPoint series.