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Disability Accommodation?

Flow of digital images, flow of capital, flow of people. Through a reading of Etienne Balibar and others, Conley discussed the lasting impact of population movement on the nation-state, subjectivity and citizenship, on a discipline that is, in fact, tributary to the imagination of fluvial passage: French and francophone literature and culture.

Verena Conley (Senior Scholar in Residence, Society for the Humanities at Cornell and Professor of Comparative Literature and Romance Languages and Literatures, Harvard University) has written on feminism, technologies, and the environment in post-structuralist theory and the transformations of space in contemporary French culture. Her books include "Hélène Cixous: Writing the feminine;" "Ecopolitics," "Rethinking Technologies."

Conley presented her paper on Nov. 12, 2008 in the A.D. White House.

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